“Life After Lyme”

by the Veiga family

“Your daughter is ill from stress.”

“Children with Lyme don’t get headaches. The headaches must be from the concussion.”

“We don’t know what’s wrong with your daughter.”

“Your daughter has (fill in the blank).”

Sound Familiar?

Reviewing our now 22-year-old daughter Christine’s case history, it all seems like a bad dream. Our happy, soccer playing, history buff, who loved giving and getting hugs, became bedbound beyond belief. Here’s a list of her symptoms and diagnoses over 10+ years of illnesses:

Migraines, light and sound sensitivity, concussions, relapsing fevers, strep throat, hypersensitivity to pain, lethargy, rage, mononucleosis, meningitis, monthly idiopathic fevers, fatigue, nausea, sore throat, severe gastrointestinal issues, depression, anxiety, social isolation, asthma, food and environmental allergies, dysautonomia, dysmenorrhea, Madelung’s deformity of the wrists, bilateral knee and feet pain, neck and back pain, headaches, disturbed sleep/fatigue, food allergies, fibroadenoma, mycotoxin illness, methylation gene defect, hormone imbalances, and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (dizziness, heat intolerance, and brain fog).

Some of the protocols she bravely endured included oral antibiotics, HBOT, ozone, UV light, nebulized tinctures, herbals, homeopathics, and a plethora of supportive therapies including chiropractic care, acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, and psychotherapy. At one point, she was taking 45 pills a day, including seven simultaneous prescriptions. Over the course of her illnesses, she was prescribed about 40 different antibiotics and over 100 supplements.

By her sophomore year of college, Christine’s health was continuing to deteriorate. Her doctor advised her to drop out of school and return home to begin six months of IV antibiotics at an estimated cost of $25,000. Our family felt antibiotics would further disrupt her gut microbiome and being on a PICC line all summer would exacerbate Christine’s depression. We prayed that God would bring together doctors, scientists, patients and caregivers who would deliver something safe and powerful that would bring back our sweet girl.

Fast forward out of the bad dream and into the dream come true.

When it appeared we had reached a dead end, that’s when the tide turned. Our relative sent us a link to AmpCoil, even though she knew nothing about it. At first, we said, “Nope. Not trying anything else. She’ll probably have to do IVs.” But after researching the AmpCoil, talking to Mara and Aaron at the company, and praying about which path to take, we decided to acquire an AmpCoil in April of 2017, the first patients in Virginia to do so. We have never regretted our decision as we have been so blessed—and able to bless many others–as a result.

Christine started feeling better within weeks of using the AmpCoil! In the course of 3 months, she got off all of her medications and supplements, gained a healthy weight, was working 12-hour days, engaged in many physical activities, and developed numerous friendships. The light returned in her eyes and color to her face. Her sense of humor became more evident, and even her voice sounded full of energy. Today, 20 months later, she is in a distinguished nursing school, working in an award-winning hospital as a nurse aide, exercising, and enjoying the music scene in a major city. She is AmpCoil’s youngest ambassador, paying it forward to help others who are struggling as she was. She is joyful, grateful, engaging, loving, and has a vision for her future filled with adventure and new friendships. She has a dream of driving a van around the country to give sufferers AmpCoil sessions.

My husband and I are enjoying a much simpler, happier life…one without numerous doctor appointments, pill sorting, ER visits, surgeries, major decisions, and the persistent dark cloud of chronic illnesses. Financially, we have avoided spending tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary tests, procedures, and operations. For the first time in 20 years, we didn’t meet our insurance deductible!

I’ve been asymptomatic for almost five years (my healing journey began with energy medicine pre-AmpCoil) but with AmpCoil use I have avoided a root canal, knee surgery, and a dental infection, among other benefits. I take no prescriptions and only two supplements. My most recent physical checkups were normal and I even won a women’s singles tennis tournament two days after I healed my pulled groin muscle! My husband’s capacity for work has increased as he enjoys improved mood, sleep, cognition and motivation. Our younger daughter also has benefited from the AmpCoil in a variety of ways, mostly in witnessing how it has helped the rest of us so we can have fun with her. Laughter has returned to our home.

Last summer, our family experienced a dream-come-true trip to Italy. We celebrated our restoration at a hillside villa. We pray everyone will have a mountaintop experience of wholeness and joy!

Aaron & Geneva Bigelow, AmpCoil Founders are co-authoring a new book with Lori Dennis coming out this Summer called “Life after Lyme” ~ For more information visit:


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