Best practise medical treatment offers recovery and hope . . .

by Cathy Barrett

Back from near death!

After being diagnosed in 2016 with Lyme I finally had an explanation for all the pain and suffering that comes from having this disease over a period of 5 years. I was bitten by a tick in Southern Ireland in 2010 and within weeks suffered full blown Lyme disease including the bullseye rash. Back in Australia, every doctor I visited was either scared to openly treat me or refused to believe in Lyme disease. Even to the point of trying to send me to psychiatrists.  In the years following my bite, relatives informed me that tick bite warning signs had been placed around the area and Ireland is now growing in knowledge about tick-borne diseases.

I have been badly mistreated by the medical profession to the stage that I would show up to hospitals critically ill and be released with no treatment.

They all said that my lesions looked “normal”. Normal? At the time of being released, my blood work, undertaken by these “professionals” – proven by their own medical documentation – showed I was positive for golden staph, septicaemia and pneumonia. Not only was I not treated for any of these, I wasn’t even INFORMED that I was positive for these. I was simply released without any medication – placed under a banner of someone shopping for medication.

I was quite simply a very sick person – ignored or disdained by the medical profession.

Then something else came to light that became even more life threatening. I had a worm infection. Not just worms pouring out of my eyes, but all over my body. As you can see from some of the photos, my face and body became disfigured by this infestation. So once again I reached out for help. Only to be continuously told that it was not worms but pus – and was diagnosed with Delusional Parasitosis. This is also stated on my medical reports. None of this was true of course.

Subsequently, I have tested positive for Lyme (strong positive), babesia, mycoplasma, bartonella, septicaemia and golden staph. As to the test for worms all in my body – funny but all three test samples have gone missing. But I am now being treated for that as well.

With all the pain, shame (how the medical doctors made me feel), disgust with how I looked and felt, and the entire loss of my life into this pit of cruelty, I reached a decision…

I wasn’t going to let ANYTHING stop me from being healthy and having a life ANYMORE!!

I’ve been lucky. I got a doctor (who will remain anonymous) to treat me. I am already getting better – I can even feel it! I have a way to go, but the message I wanted to give to everyone is

“Don’t Give Up”.

Natalie is grateful for the work of the LDAA, ‘without their support I’m not sure I’d be here today, thank you from the bottom of my heart.’

Research and learn and educate yourselves about this ugly ugly illness! Only then you can make the right choices for yourself!