The May Lyme Project 2017

The Campaign

The May Lyme Project takes on a new and fun flavour in 2017.  This year we have two exciting partnerships!

The Lyme Disease Association of Australia (LDAA) and the Country Women’s Association of Australia (CWAA) are combining their efforts to support Australian Lyme patients.   The purpose of the May Lyme Project is to raise awareness and funding to improve outcomes for current and future Australian Lyme patients.

"Lyme disease is a real concern to our national membership and our full executive team endorsed the 'Bite of Lyme' campaign for change.  We are looking forward to combining our efforts with the LDAA to raise awareness and funds to improve outcomes for current and future Australian Lyme patients." said National president, Dorothy Coombe.

Feel free to reach out to collaborate with your local CWA branch in May - CWA branch contact details.

In addition, the LDAA is proud and privileged to partner with the US, grassroots, patient-lead initiative, LymeDiseaseChallenge  (#LymeDiseaseChallenge).  The partnership with Melissa and Lisa is exciting and collaborative.  Let's see this expanding to many countries around the globe.  Together we achieve more!

The 2017 'Bite of Lyme' campaign is a simple 5 step process

1. TAKE A BITE: 'Bite a Lime' and TAKE A PHOTO OR A  SHORT VIDEO of the act – the more sourpuss your face, the better (and funnier!).  It can be alone, with your family or at an event!    Don’t Like Lime?  How about a lime pie, lime drink or your favourite choice.  Remember to post your recipe too!

2. SHARE A FACT: State ONE BRIEF FACT ABOUT LYME DISEASE in Australia. You can say them in your video, write them on your photo, or include them in your post. Help us spread the true facts about Australian Lyme Disease!

3. PASS IT ON: Keep the campaign going – CHALLENGE THREE OTHER PEOPLE – your friends, family, whomever – to'Bite a Lime'!  Mention them in your video and tag them on social media.

4. DONATE AND SHARE! Donate:  Share on all your favourite social media outlets and ask your friends to do the same!  Remember, only give what you can!
HashTags: #BiteOfLymeChallengeAU  Tag:  @LymeDiseaseAus (twitter) @LymeDiseaseAustralia (Facebook)

5. CHANGE YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE PIC for the month of May (there's 3 steps, 1) click on the link and apply cover frame 2) share to facebook 3) change your profile pic), and/or your FB cover image and please write the Health Minister saying as an Australian citizen, you support immediate action and why.

Want to host an event?

We are excited about this years May Lyme Project, 'Take a Bite out of Lyme' and we know how fun it will be to do with a group or at a public event!!  Many in our community love to hold a traditional event and fundraise or raise awareness during the month of May. We will provide support for those wishing to do so. If you would like to do so then head to our events page and register your details so that we can give you a hand!

FB event image 'MLP Flyer'

Reach out to your local CWA Branch and invite a collaboration.  Remember it can be large or small!  The more photos online, donations and letters to the Health Minister demonstrate that Lyme patients, their families and everyday Australians want action now!

Connect with us on Facebook or Email for assistance!

I'd like to send a letter to the Health Minister

Simply print, add your details, why you support urgent action for Australian Lyme patients and post in the month of May.  Ask your friends and family to do the same!

I'd like to contact my local media!

Simply customise this media release with a very short version of your Lyme story and include this flyer. Remember to  include why you think action should be taken in Australia. If you've never dealt with media before, these handy, but important tips will assist.

I'd like to contact my MP

The Senate inquiry into Lyme-like illness has raised the profile of this issue. We have been delighted to see politicians from major and minor parties, and independents come together in awareness that something must be done to help patients. The Final Report, while not offering everything we need, has recommendations that we want to see actioned.  The government is not obliged to act on the recommendations.   Our elected officials are here to represent us, so its up to us to ask them to support Lyme-like illness recognition and action. We need to let them know how urgent our situation is. Our goal is to help them, help us!

To contact your federal representative, take these steps. It is easy!

Step 1: Find your current Federal MP and/or candidates
  • To find your current federal MP visit the APH website.
    • Under ‘Search Members’ enter your postcode and press search. You may be presented with two results.
    • To determine which electorate you live in select the first federal MP listed, and then select ‘electorate details’.
    • If your suburb isn’t listed, return to the previous page and select the next available member.
    • If you require assistance with this please visit the Lyme Action Australia Facebook group.
  • To find your current federal candidates visit the AEC website. This website will list every candidate once the federal election has been officially announced.
Step 2: Tips on what to say
  • Download and print our ‘What to say tips‘ and ‘MLP Flyer‘.
  • Call your current Federal MP and/or candidate to inquire about a personal meeting, local group meetings or public events you can meet or speak with them at.
Step 3: Meet with your MP or candidates by telephone or in person
  • Share your story and offer the’MLP Flyer‘ you downloaded earlier.
  • Offer a full briefing from the Lyme Disease Association of Australia (LDAA).
  • Ask your friends and family to do the same!
  • Notify the LDAA via our contact us form, using the ‘other (please specify)’ topic.
  • Keep us abreast of any developments so we can assist you via email.
Step 4: Share your story with local media
  • Download our flyer and media release. Customise it with your name and contact details so the media can contact you!
  • Notify the LDAA via our contact us form, using the ‘I require media assistance’ topic.
  • Keep us abreast of any developments so we can assist you via email.
Step 5: 'Give $10 for Lyme in May'
  • Visit our MyCause campaign.
  • Click ‘Donate Now’.
  • Select your donation amount; $10 or enter your own!
  • Enter your Facebook account or your email address. This is so we access your details to send you a receipt!
  • If using Facebook to connect, your publicly available details will populate the form, if you are using email, you’ll need to enter your details directly into the form.
  • Once you’ve entered all of your details, and remember to double-check they are correct, agree to the terms and conditions and press ‘submit to donate’.
  • You have just donated to the ‘Give $10 for Lyme in May’ campaign. A receipt will be sent to you shortly. Thank you!
  • Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Contact us

Do you need a little help with anything from the above? Then contact us for further assistance.

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