Treatment Guidelines

There are a range of treatment guidelines available including:

Clinical Advisory Committee on Lyme Disease

The Australian Government, under the stewardship of Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Baggoley, established a Clinical Advisory Committee on Lyme Disease (CACLD).

Detailed information about the CACLD can be obtained from the Department of Health here. It is however important to draw Doctors and other Clinician's attention to the following:

Proof of Lyme disease and Borrelia in Australia

There are a number of journal articles proving the existence of Lyme disease in Australia, some of which are difficult to locate however they have been sourced via Australia's National Library below:

  1.  1982 – Lyme Disease in the Hunter Valley; Med Journal of Australia - Lyme Disease in the Hunter Valley Med Jnl of Australia 1982
  2. 1986 – Lyme Disease on the South Coast of NSW; McCrossin Med Journal Aust  - Lyme Disease on the South Coast of NSW McCrossin Med Jnl Aust 1986
  3. 1991 – Detecting the Cause of Lyme Disease in Australia; Med Journal of Australia - Detecting the cause of Lyme disease in Australia Med Jnl of Australia 1991
  4. 1998 – Lyme Disease in Australia; Aust/NZ Journal of Public Health - Lyme Disease in Australia Aust NZ Jnl of Pub Health 1998
  5. 1998 – Culture Positive Lyme Borreliosis; Hudson Medical Journal of Australia - Culture positive lyme borreliosis Hudson Med Jnl Aust 1998

There are also a number of other journal articles identifying the existence of Borrelia in Australia which are located here. 

Other Resources

The following links provide further information on Lyme disease including research and treatment:

  • Dr Nicola McFadzean-Ducharme book Lyme Disease in Australia is available for purchase from the Restore Medicine Website along with other resources.
  • Dr McFadzean-Ducharme gave a talk in Sydney on Lyme Disease in Australia recently. Dr McFadzean-Ducharme's presentation slides with information about diagnosis and treatment options can be accessed by following the link.

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