Federal Election 2016

The campaign

The May Lyme Project takes on a different flavour in 2016. This year we are running a dual campaign. The first is 'Give $10 for Lyme in May' and the second is political engagement with Federal MPs and candidates.

The first part of our 2016 campaign is simple, 'Give $10 for Lyme in May'. We encourage you to ask your friends, family and local community to help support those with Lyme-like illness by donating $10 for Lyme throughout the month of May. Remember, only give where you can.

The Senate inquiry into Lyme-like illness has raised the profile of this issue. We have been delighted to see politicians from major and minor parties, and independents come together in awareness that something must be done to help patients. The second part of our 2016 involves building on our existing engagement with Federal politicians. We know our elected officials are considerably more receptive during the election process. They're here to represent us, so its up to us to ask them to support Lyme-like illness recognition and action. We need to let them know how urgent our situation is. Our goal is to help them, help us!

How can I get involved?

To take part in this year's campaign, take these steps. It is easy!

Step 1: Find your current Federal MP and/or candidates
Step 2: Tips on what to say
Step 3: Meet with your MP or candidates by telephone or in person
Step 4: Share your story with local media
Step 5: 'Give $10 for Lyme in May'
Step 6: Share the 'Give $10 for Lyme in May'

Still want to host an event?

We know this year's The May Lyme Project campaign is much different to our previous campaigns. We also recognise that some in our community still like to hold a traditional event and fundraise or raise awareness during the month of May. We can still provide support for those wishing to do so. If you would like to do so then head to our events page and register your details so that we can provide you with the support you need!

Contact us

Do you need a little help with the above? Then contact us for further assistance.

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