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Lyme Disease in Australia

Lyme Disease is Australia’s Hidden Epidemic!

What if we told you that there’s a disease that can give you symptoms similar to MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s and Arthritis, but currently there is no funding for patient care, no recognition from Australian health officials and little support from our healthcare system. Australia needs to know about this, it may be affecting someone they love.

Australian Lyme disease sufferer Amy O’Sullivan shares her story, which is sadly a universal story amongst Lyme disease patients. Typically Lyme disease is an invisible illness, but tragically, debilitating seizures are all too common.

Together we can make change and save lives.

Many thanks to Michael Johnson, Rebecca Warton, Amy O’Sullivan & our team of volunteers. 


ADF announces investigation into Lyme disease!

GazetteimageThe Australian Department of Defence announced last week that there will be an investigation conducted by the Repatriation Medical Authority into Lyme disease and its effect on military personnel.

The inquiry will specifically look at “How Lyme disease may be suffered or contracted, or death from Lyme disease may occur, and the extent to which Lyme disease or death from Lyme disease may be war-caused, defence-caused, a service injury, a service disease or a service death.”

The LDAA will be putting together a submission to this investigation – if you would like to be a part of this submission process, or have a personal experience with Lyme disease as a defence force member, please contact the LDAA.

Are you ready for The May Lyme Project 2015?

TMLP2015FBAvatar The May Lyme Project (TMLP) has arrived. Our annual awareness and fundraising campaign is in full swing. Have you hosted or attended an event yet?

Our message for this year is: Why has the Australian Government not acted on our Patient Strategic Action Plan that was provided to them 15 months ago? What are they waiting for?

If you are keen to attend an event check out our events page for all the details and locations! If you’ve already held an event, why not share some of your photographs with us? Remember you’ll need to have obtained permission for us to use them by having a consent form completed and provided with the photographs.

2015 is shaping up to be the best year for Lyme disease and Lyme-like patients yet!

Have you started mailing your postcards for The Lyme Postcard Campaign yet?

Postcard 1 (front)The Lyme Postcard Campaign (TPLC). TLPC is also in full swing. We’ve got postcards being delivered across all of Australia to MPs to make change for Lyme disease and Lyme-like patients in Australia.

Remember, to post a few postcards a week throughout the entire month of May and all postcards must be posted by the end of May 2015. If you’ve received postcards and aren’t certain you’ll be able to get them all signed don’t despair we have a waiting list. Contact us and we’ll give you details on what to do next!

If you’ve sent all your postcards already, can you please let us know how many you’ve posted? We’re keeping track! Drop us an email now.

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Release of Australian Lyme disease patients and tick bite location maps

LD PatientsThe exact number of people with Lyme disease in Australia is unknown as public health officials do not collect any data because the disease is not notifiable.

The Lyme Disease Association of Australia decided to remedy the situation. Part of which includes an interactive map as part of  our broader program of works.

There are two maps;  the first plots individuals with an officially confirmed cases of Lyme disease by residential suburb, while the second is of tick bite locations that have resulted in an individual contracting Lyme disease.

The maps provide a cumulative representation of the data obtained through our surveys from 2011 onwards.

You can access both maps here.

Remember – if you review our maps and cannot see your suburb located please complete our survey to be added.

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