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DoH releases outcomes from Lyme disease Roundtable

On 27 May 2014 the Federal Department of Health held a Lyme disease Roundtable with representatives from medical colleges, the Clinical Advisory Committee on Lyme disease and General Practitioners many of which are at the coal face of day-to-day treatment.

You can view a list of outcomes from the meeting here.

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Clinical Advisory Committee on Lyme Disease update

The Clinical Advisory Committee on Lyme Disease (CACLD) met in Canberra today (15 July 2014) for an all day meeting. The agenda was full and significant ground was covered including the next steps for the CACLD.

Review our Patient Representative’s notes for all the details here.

Alternatively further information about our role and work, particularly with the Federal Government can be found here.

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We need your help to vote for the LDAA now!

One of the Lyme Disease Association of Australia’s (LDAA) key roles is to supply advice, support and assistance to Lyme sufferers and their families all over Australia. Given Lyme disease is still not officially recognised in Australia there is still much work to do and our costs continue to increase as a result. Notably, the LDAA receive no government funding and all funds are raised by our amazing Lyme warriors.

Currently, the Dick Smith Foods Foundation is running a campaign in which the charity will donate 1 million dollars to various charities with the supporters of Dick Smith Foods being the sole decision makers as to where the money will dispersed.

The LDAA are listed on the list of possible recipients and we ask if everyone could please purchase items from the Dick Smith brand, take a picture of the product and either text or email and vote for us. It really is that easy! AND, while you’re at it – please vote for the Karl McManus Foundation as well.

(It does sound strange, but believe it or not you can put an email address on the phone number field for texting and it will go through to Dick Smith Foods.)

For full details you can visit this web site.

Thank you to those who have already voted for us – your support is truly appreciated.

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Department of Health releases important media statement

As most of the community is aware, A Current Affair recently aired a segment on Lyme disease recently. This segment included discussion on a number of important areas, including the current situation with Lyme disease in Australia.

Today, the Federal Department of Health released the media statement that was provided to A Current Affair.

This is an important step in the recognition for Lyme disease as it recognizes that a conclusion on Lyme disease in Australia is yet to be determined.

Further information about our work with the Federal Government can be found here.

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2nd International Tick Borne Disease Conference 2014

The 2nd International Tick Borne Disease Conference hosted by the Karl McManus Foundation was another successful event – educating doctors about Lyme disease in Australia as well as international scientific advances in medicine and science for Tick Borne Disease.

Reflections by Michelle Kelly:

A very informative conference that highlighted several leading medical and research approaches to Lyme disease. It incorporated detailed reports and discussions on the most current medical practice and research. Discussions drew on and explored extensive professional practice and experience. A valuable selection of professions, positions and perspectives were represented over the two days. It also included some innovative and very valuable international perspectives.

From a Lyme patient perspective, the conference fostered hope about the future of Lyme disease in Australia. Net-working and discussions were definitely beneficial components of this conference. It was extremely refreshing to witness such professional interest, passion and dedication (during presentations and through casual conversation) towards Lyme disease in Australia.

Conference Informal Notes (our thanks to Lyme patient volunteer):

Conference DVD’s will be available for purchase from the Karl McManus Foundation soon!

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We still need your help!

Join the Sydney University Research Study

The University of Sydney and the Karl McManus Foundation are conducting a research study into what pathogens are associated with Australian Lyme Disease.

For more information see the flyer below or contact Dr Ann Mitrovic by phone (02) 9351  3217 or email.



Lyme Research ~ Would you like to help prove existence of Lyme in Australia?


Murdoch University in Western Australia were recently awarded an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant to further their tick research program under the leadership of Associate Professor Peter Irwin (Veterinary). The grant will enable the development of ‘a new molecular toolkit to investigate zoonotic tick-borne pathogens in Australia’.

There is an opportunity for all those interested in proving that Lyme disease exists in Australia to be part of this research. Get started by reading  this advice and then heading to our contact us page to request a tick donation kit.


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