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Lyme Disease in Australia

Upcoming events!

Wow! As you may have noticed we’ve got a few Lyme awareness events taking place over the next few weeks. We’ve created an Event Calendar on the right hand side of website so that you can view what’s coming up and access all the details!

Here’s a brief summary of what’s happening:

Have you checked out our new online store?

As many of you would know, we’ve been utilising CafePress to allow our supporters to purchase items such as t-shirts with different designs for use at events or just to wear to raise awareness.

After much discussion, we recently shifted to an Australian based alternative which allows customers to select a design and have it applied to a t-shirt, hoodie or even a snazzy tote bag!

The prices are really competitive and again we receive a small commission on any items purchased which helps us to advocate for you!

You can access the shop here.

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Australian Government and Lyme happenings

Much has taken place over the last few months with respect to Lyme/Lyme-like illness in Australia:

Further information about our work with the Federal Government can be found here.

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Vote for the LDAA!

Currently, the Dick Smith Foods Foundation is running a campaign in which the charity will donate 1 million dollars to various charities with the supporters of Dick Smith Foods being the sole decision makers as to where the money will dispersed.

The LDAA are listed on the list of possible recipients and we ask if everyone could please purchase items from the Dick Smith brand, take a picture of the product and either text or email and vote for us. It really is that easy! AND, while you’re at it – please vote for the Karl McManus Foundation as well.

(It does sound strange, but believe it or not you can put an email address on the phone number field for texting and it will go through to Dick Smith Foods.)

For full details you can visit this web site.

Thank you to those who have already voted for us – your support is truly appreciated.

Got ticks?

Lyme Research ~ Would you like to help prove existence of Lyme in Australia?

Murdoch University in Western Australia were recently awarded an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant to further their tick research program under the leadership of Associate Professor Peter Irwin (Veterinary). The grant will enable the development of ‘a new molecular toolkit to investigate zoonotic tick-borne pathogens in Australia’.

There is an opportunity for all those interested in proving that Lyme disease exists in Australia to be part of this research. Get started by reading  this advice and then heading to our contact us page to request a tick donation kit*.

*Please note, do not under any circumstances send specimens (i.e. ticks) using any other vessel or method apart from what is detailed in the instructions provided in the collection kit as there are quarantine and other regulatory issues that need to be followed precisely.

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