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The May Lyme Project 2015 has arrived!

TMLP2015FBAvatarWe are excited to announce the launch of The May Lyme Project (TMLP). TMLP is the Lyme Disease Association of Australia’s (LDAA) annual awareness and fundraising campaign.

The mission of the event is simple; to raise awareness and funds for the on-going advocacy of Lyme and Lyme-like disease within Australia. The LDAA achieves this mission by sponsoring and supporting an assortment of awareness and fundraising events occurring throughout Australia during the month of May.

The message for this year’s campaign is clear. Why has the Australian Government not acted on our Patient Strategic Action Plan that was provided to them 15 months ago?

Posters, marketing and merchandising material are ready to go and our event planning and management guide will be released shortly! If you are already organised, why not get in early and register your event along with ordering your merchandise? To do so simply head to our events page.

Not holding an event but keen to attend one? Then why not head to our events calendar and find out where you can go to participate! Don’t forget this year TMLP will coincide with the launch of The Lyme Postcard Campaign.

Are you taking part in The Lyme Postcard Campaign?

We’ve recently launched our first campaign for 2015; The Lyme Postcard Campaign (TPLC).

TPostcard 1 (front)LPC is an action oriented community messaging campaign and is designed to send 10,000 postcards in a single month to a specific target, for example MP’s, Health officials and other decisions makers. The first postcard is ready for dispatch and will be targeted towards your local MP’s and is designed to be sent to MP’s during May 2015.

Everyone can get involved, it does not matter where you are located; home, work or your local community store we’ll get the postcards to you and all you need to do is get those around you to sign and send them off. Each pack of postcards will include a poster to advertise the initiative, pre-labelled postcards, stamps if you require them along with instructions.

If you missed out on the first round you can now order from a limited supply by completing Form 3 on our events page.

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Release of Australian Lyme disease patients and tick bite location maps

LD PatientsThe exact number of people with Lyme disease in Australia is unknown as public health officials do not collect any data because the disease is not notifiable.

The Lyme Disease Association of Australia decided to remedy the situation. Part of which includes an interactive map as part of  our broader program of works.

There are two maps;  the first plots individuals with an officially confirmed cases of Lyme disease by residential suburb, while the second is of tick bite locations that have resulted in an individual contracting Lyme disease.

The maps provide a cumulative representation of the data obtained through our surveys from 2011 onwards.

You can access both maps here.

Remember – if you review our maps and cannot see your suburb located please complete our survey to be added.

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Got ticks?

The University of Sydney in New South Wales are currently undertaking research into Lyme disease and the causative agent within domestic ticks.

As such the Tick Borne Disease Research Unit would like your ticks. If you’d like to participate simply read this advice and follow the instructions carefully.

Remember to ensure you check local quarantine restrictions first before sending any specimens, if in doubt contact the Karl McManus Foundation for further information.

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